I need to get back into writing, the same way I need oxygen to breathe. It's been over a year though and I could do with some prompts.  See my tags for subjects/fandoms/pairings/formats I'm comfortable with, but I'm flexible. Be as specific or as vague as you like.


I can't promise to be quick, but this would really help me begin to edge back in...

Fandom/’Verse: Holmes/ACD verse AU crossover with HG Wells’ War of the Worlds
Challenge: watsons_woes July prompts challenge
Title: Dashing Hopes for Our Deliverance
Character: Watson
Length: c.1900 words
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: n/a
Warnings: Crossover!crack. Character death, alien invasion.

Disclaimer: The Holmes characters fall in the public domain and are the creation of the wonderful Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. War of the Worlds was created by HG Wells and the quotations and inspiration used in writing this piece came from the Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds adaptation. No ownership is implied or inferred. This is done for love only.

Summary: Watson is away from London when the invasion comes, and has to hurry back in the hope of finding Holmes.

A/N: Er. There's no excuse. The image just grabbed me and then I had to go with it. I will try hard not to make every single prompt fic (a) crackfic (b) deathfic (c) both of the above. I promise to try.

Some phrases are filched from Jeff Wayne who filched them from HG Wells. Also Col. Burton's first name is, of course Richard.

Master prompt post

July 3. The Hospital Ship by W. H. Littlejohn

Dashing Hopes for Our Deliverance )
July 1: Watson injury (any severity), from a different POV than Holmes.
In Harm's Way. ACD!canon, Lestrade, Watson, angst. PG
Posted 02/07/11
July 2: Rain, lamp-post, handkerchief, flowers.
A Little Heavier Than Usual. Sherlock (BBC), Holmes, Watson, illness, daftness. G
Posted 02/07/11
July 3: The Hospital Ship by W. H. Littlejohn.
Dashing Hopes for Our Deliverance. ACD!canon (kinda) crossover, Watson, angst, alien invasion, character death. PG-13.
Posted 03/07/11
July 4: Celebration of a non-British holiday.
Oats, Coconut, and Golden Syrup. Sherlock (BBC), John, Sherlock, Mrs Hudson, allergies, cookies. G
Posted 04/07/11
July 5: Quote/adaptation: If actions speak louder than words, how is the pen mightier than the sword?
Trending on Twitter. Sherlock (BBC): John, John's blog. G
Posted 05/07/11
July 6: Crossover
With Tempest and Storm. Holmes (ACD)/PotC: Watson, Will Turner, hiatus, G.
Posted 07/07/11 (0005 BST)
July 7: Falling
Alone You Hang In Ruins. Sherlock (BBC): Watson. DARK. Discussion of suicide, drug abuse, R.
Posted 07/07/11
July 8: Photo prompt
Stakeout. Sherlock (BBC): John, 221b, fluff, G.
Posted 08/07/11
July 9: Stress/exhaustion, stress relief
Two Dozen Caddies. Sherlock (BBC): Mrs Hudson, Mrs Hudson's tea cupboard. G
Posted 09/07/11
July 10: Midnight summons
He Whom You Love. Sherlock (BBC), John, drabble, G.
Posted 10/07/11
July 11: Kitten
With the Queen. ACD, Watson, Wiggins, Holmes, a number of furballs, G.
Posted 11/07/11
July 12: Quote - "I like a friend the better for having faults that one can talk about." - William Hazlitt, 1826
To A Fault. Lestrade, 221b domestic equilibrium (of a sort), drabble, G.
Posted 12/07/11
July 13: Superstition
Left Shoe for Luck. Sherlock (BBC), Mycroft, Sherlock and John (S/J squint) on their special day, G.
Posted 13/07/11
July 14: TLC
Through the Checkout Five Times Sherlock (BBC), John, Sherlock, h/c, G
Posted 14/07/11
July 15: Fix a scene from canon
Solitary Investigations. ACD Canon, Holmes, Watson, Dialogue double drabble, SOLI, G.
Posted 15/07/11
July 16: The Dutch steamship Friesland
The Dutch steamship Friesland. Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock, John, Cows, G.
Posted 16/07/11
July 17: Dialogue fic.
I'll Find You. Sherlock, John, offscreen kidnappers, PG, dialogue only.
Posted 17/07/11
July 18: Picture Prompt
If Not. Holmes, angst, a critical error, G.
Posted 18/07/11
July 19: A Foggy Day - George & Ira Gershwin.
And Suddenly I Saw You There. Watson, Holmes, Guest Star, WW2 AU, G.
Posted 19/07/11
July 20: Watson’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day
You Make It Real. Sherlock, John, angst, offscreen cancer, PG.
Posted 21/07/11 (0114 BST)
July 21: Acquainted with the Night - Robert Frost
Brighten the Stars. Lestrade, Sherlock, John, London. G.
Posted 21/07/11
July 22: Correspondence
If Convenient. Holmes, Watson, wartime telegraphs. G.
Posted 22/07/11
July 23: Alternate FINIS
An Eye For An Eye. Holmes, tag for 3GAR. PG
July 24: Seasonal Storms
"The Weather Will Become Very Windy..." Sherlock, John, storms and memories. PG.
Posted 24/07/11
July 25: Supernatural
He Lies Slain. John, Sherlock, post-pool, devastating news. PG.
Posted 26/07/11 (2233 BST - first day of the outage). Posted earlier that day on Dreamwidth: finished 2100 BST 25/07/11
July 26: Red, lantern, grass, fish, needle
Every Scar. John, Sherlock, snooping and scars. G
Posted 26/07/11
July 27: Poem
And Afterwards Rememberl. Sherlock, John, traumatic illness. Owch. PG.
Posted 27/07/11
July 28: Enclosed Spaces
The Claws That Catch. Follow-up to And Afterwards Remember. PG-13
Posted 28/07/11
July 29: Illness in a location where little to no help is forthcoming
As You Value His Life. AU scene for HOUN. Watson, Holmes. G
July 30: "Is that __(item name)__ supposed to be _(doing that) ?"
Before A Fall. John, Sherlock, injury in the course of duty. G.
Posted 30/07/11
July 31:Picture prompt
Growing Gloom. John, waiting for Sherlock. G.
Posted 31/07/11

Amnesty prompts: Rising Waters (complete story)
Posted in completion 08/08/11
Reading order:
Prologue: Comes the Flood (8)
Part 1: Run (3)
Part 2: In Case of Emergency Please Call (1)
Part 3: Efficient (5)
Part 4: Secure Communications (4)
Part 5: Blue (2)
Part 6: Relief (6)
Part 7: Dust and Water (7)
Part 8: Strode the Two Fools (9)
Epilogue: Married Ones (10)
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC), Danger Mouse
Title: Sidekick
Character/Pairing: John Watson, Ernest Penfold
Length: c.2000
Rating: G
Genre: Crack. Crack crack crack crack crack. Fluff. Crossover.
Warnings: I have nothing to declare but my insanity.

Disclaimer: The Holmes characters fall in the public domain: This version falls under the creative control of Messers Moffatt and Gatiss, and the BBC. Danger Mouse was created by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall for Thames Television. No ownership is implied or inferred. This is done for love only. Also Douglas Adams wrote a couple of the sentences.
Summary: John discovers that he and Sherlock are not the only crime-fighting duo on Baker Street.
A/N: Crack. Crack crack crack crack crack crackity crack. Also, this is a present for [livejournal.com profile] rabidsamfan. Unbeta’d because... well, look at it.

Sidekick )



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