I need to get back into writing, the same way I need oxygen to breathe. It's been over a year though and I could do with some prompts.  See my tags for subjects/fandoms/pairings/formats I'm comfortable with, but I'm flexible. Be as specific or as vague as you like.


I can't promise to be quick, but this would really help me begin to edge back in...

[livejournal.com profile] thegameison_sh Cycle Three, Challenge Three
Third :D

Title: The Body
Character/Pairing: Sherlock, John
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Discussion of character death.

Disclaimer: The Holmes characters fall in the public domain: This version falls under the creative control of Messers Moffatt and Gatiss, and the BBC. No ownership is implied or inferred. This is done for love only.

Prompt: Poem
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The Body )
[livejournal.com profile] thegameison_sh Cycle Three, Challenge Two
Joint third :D

Title: Two Gunshots
Character/Pairing: Sherlock and John, or Sherlock/John if you like
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character death

Disclaimer: The Holmes characters fall in the public domain: This version falls under the creative control of Messers Moffatt and Gatiss, and the BBC. No ownership is implied or inferred. This is done for love only.

Prompt: Change one thing from canon
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] moony (Who doesn’t like deathfic, so I feel very guilty. There may be apology porn.)

Two Gunshots )
July 1: Watson injury (any severity), from a different POV than Holmes.
In Harm's Way. ACD!canon, Lestrade, Watson, angst. PG
Posted 02/07/11
July 2: Rain, lamp-post, handkerchief, flowers.
A Little Heavier Than Usual. Sherlock (BBC), Holmes, Watson, illness, daftness. G
Posted 02/07/11
July 3: The Hospital Ship by W. H. Littlejohn.
Dashing Hopes for Our Deliverance. ACD!canon (kinda) crossover, Watson, angst, alien invasion, character death. PG-13.
Posted 03/07/11
July 4: Celebration of a non-British holiday.
Oats, Coconut, and Golden Syrup. Sherlock (BBC), John, Sherlock, Mrs Hudson, allergies, cookies. G
Posted 04/07/11
July 5: Quote/adaptation: If actions speak louder than words, how is the pen mightier than the sword?
Trending on Twitter. Sherlock (BBC): John, John's blog. G
Posted 05/07/11
July 6: Crossover
With Tempest and Storm. Holmes (ACD)/PotC: Watson, Will Turner, hiatus, G.
Posted 07/07/11 (0005 BST)
July 7: Falling
Alone You Hang In Ruins. Sherlock (BBC): Watson. DARK. Discussion of suicide, drug abuse, R.
Posted 07/07/11
July 8: Photo prompt
Stakeout. Sherlock (BBC): John, 221b, fluff, G.
Posted 08/07/11
July 9: Stress/exhaustion, stress relief
Two Dozen Caddies. Sherlock (BBC): Mrs Hudson, Mrs Hudson's tea cupboard. G
Posted 09/07/11
July 10: Midnight summons
He Whom You Love. Sherlock (BBC), John, drabble, G.
Posted 10/07/11
July 11: Kitten
With the Queen. ACD, Watson, Wiggins, Holmes, a number of furballs, G.
Posted 11/07/11
July 12: Quote - "I like a friend the better for having faults that one can talk about." - William Hazlitt, 1826
To A Fault. Lestrade, 221b domestic equilibrium (of a sort), drabble, G.
Posted 12/07/11
July 13: Superstition
Left Shoe for Luck. Sherlock (BBC), Mycroft, Sherlock and John (S/J squint) on their special day, G.
Posted 13/07/11
July 14: TLC
Through the Checkout Five Times Sherlock (BBC), John, Sherlock, h/c, G
Posted 14/07/11
July 15: Fix a scene from canon
Solitary Investigations. ACD Canon, Holmes, Watson, Dialogue double drabble, SOLI, G.
Posted 15/07/11
July 16: The Dutch steamship Friesland
The Dutch steamship Friesland. Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock, John, Cows, G.
Posted 16/07/11
July 17: Dialogue fic.
I'll Find You. Sherlock, John, offscreen kidnappers, PG, dialogue only.
Posted 17/07/11
July 18: Picture Prompt
If Not. Holmes, angst, a critical error, G.
Posted 18/07/11
July 19: A Foggy Day - George & Ira Gershwin.
And Suddenly I Saw You There. Watson, Holmes, Guest Star, WW2 AU, G.
Posted 19/07/11
July 20: Watson’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day
You Make It Real. Sherlock, John, angst, offscreen cancer, PG.
Posted 21/07/11 (0114 BST)
July 21: Acquainted with the Night - Robert Frost
Brighten the Stars. Lestrade, Sherlock, John, London. G.
Posted 21/07/11
July 22: Correspondence
If Convenient. Holmes, Watson, wartime telegraphs. G.
Posted 22/07/11
July 23: Alternate FINIS
An Eye For An Eye. Holmes, tag for 3GAR. PG
July 24: Seasonal Storms
"The Weather Will Become Very Windy..." Sherlock, John, storms and memories. PG.
Posted 24/07/11
July 25: Supernatural
He Lies Slain. John, Sherlock, post-pool, devastating news. PG.
Posted 26/07/11 (2233 BST - first day of the outage). Posted earlier that day on Dreamwidth: finished 2100 BST 25/07/11
July 26: Red, lantern, grass, fish, needle
Every Scar. John, Sherlock, snooping and scars. G
Posted 26/07/11
July 27: Poem
And Afterwards Rememberl. Sherlock, John, traumatic illness. Owch. PG.
Posted 27/07/11
July 28: Enclosed Spaces
The Claws That Catch. Follow-up to And Afterwards Remember. PG-13
Posted 28/07/11
July 29: Illness in a location where little to no help is forthcoming
As You Value His Life. AU scene for HOUN. Watson, Holmes. G
July 30: "Is that __(item name)__ supposed to be _(doing that) ?"
Before A Fall. John, Sherlock, injury in the course of duty. G.
Posted 30/07/11
July 31:Picture prompt
Growing Gloom. John, waiting for Sherlock. G.
Posted 31/07/11

Amnesty prompts: Rising Waters (complete story)
Posted in completion 08/08/11
Reading order:
Prologue: Comes the Flood (8)
Part 1: Run (3)
Part 2: In Case of Emergency Please Call (1)
Part 3: Efficient (5)
Part 4: Secure Communications (4)
Part 5: Blue (2)
Part 6: Relief (6)
Part 7: Dust and Water (7)
Part 8: Strode the Two Fools (9)
Epilogue: Married Ones (10)
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Title: Take my hand and lead me home
Character/Pairing: Sherlock/John
Episode: Follows The Great Game
Length: c.5500
Rating: PG-13 for non-explicit slash activity.
Genre: Angst (Angst/comfort?). Slash.
Spoilers: For The Great Game
Warnings: Not really.

Fanfic masterlist

Disclaimer: The Holmes characters fall in the public domain: This version falls under the creative control of Messers Moffatt and Gatiss, and the BBC. No ownership is implied or inferred. This is done for love only.
Summary: Sherlock and John had been growing closer, but after the pool, Sherlock has been avoiding John. Slowly he works out why.
A/N: Well. A very, very long time ago [livejournal.com profile] lpili13 wrote this prompt asking for a fic addressing the moment Sherlock sees John at the pool. I optimistically said I’d write it. And then came flu, and then RL went all dramatic and I got distracted with dark!fic, and... well, suffice it to say I may be setting records for the latest prompt fill ever. But here it is, writ and ready and I hope not too far from the original concept. Post-pool fic is almost a discredited trope at this point, but it was fun to write.

Many thanks to the inimitable and wonderful [livejournal.com profile] warriorbot for a fantastic job as beta even though she was far too busy really.

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Take my hand and lead me home )



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