I wanted to write a lovely long post about how awesome Buffycamp and the SFW have been. And I will, I promise. But since packing up to come home this morning I have been gently fuming about something...

While loading stuff into the car I saw a beautiful little black cat wander past and being me I then had to go looking for it. I called out and it came trotting down the road to me and put it's head straight into my hands and started purring like an idling engine. I noticed that she was very thin despite the season, that her fur was patchy around her hindquarters and halfway down her tail was stripped bare, and she had conjunctivitisish eyes and dirty ears, and she looked a little wobbly on one of her paws. Having stayed and chatted with her for a bit I was getting quite concerned because, frankly, she looked like a poorly stray and I didn't want to leave her unreported if that was the case. She actually let me pick her up and carry her around in my arms, and off we went to start knocking on random people's doors.

After a couple of tries I found a woman who could positively identify her and also pointed out another cat, Dave (a female tortie) who came to join us. Turns out these two cats are of four who belong to another woman around there who can afford, it seems, to go to the pub every evening and drink herself silly but can't afford to take them to the vet or even to buy them flea or worm treatment. The lady I was talking to puts out extra for them so that she knows they're getting something, but the RSPCA have repeatedly said there's nothing they can do about it.

It just makes me so cross. I was glad to meet her because she's a mad cat lady too and I know there's someone looking out for the cats. I do sympathise as I am currently learning all about being poorer than one would like. That said, if I had to choose between the cats' health and nutrition or alcohol, or even food or heating bills, the cats would come first, because when I took them in I undertook a duty of care to them and it's not their fault if things are screwed up for me. If it looked like I would not be able to afford them for a long period of time then the hard horrible situation of finding them someone who could would come up, and there are charities who can help with that. But I would never, never put them anywhere but at the top of the priority list and certainly not if the alternative was alcohol.

I think I was very restrained not to bundle Black Kitty and Dave into the car and bring them home with me! At least the people around there know to look out for them and hopefully if it gets worse will be able to get the RSPCA involved again. I just can't believe anyone would treat a tiny little life like that when they've taken them in. People like that don't deserve cats. I couldn't wait to get home and see my little brood - and even as I type this they have been clambering all over the keyboard and me. I hope the Belper kitties are okay.
It's really interesting to watch Lucky and the kits - I've never seen a queen and kittens interacting before. Lucky has settled down enough to be a bit vocal, and she is now chirruping at the kittens when she wants them to pay attention. This seems to vary between "I will feed you now", "come here and let me clean you", and "observe, I will show you something". The latter has been in use today, I put Lucky on my lap and she lay down (for the first time) and then chirruped and both the kittens looked up. A few minutes later she had vacated to wash Archie and I picked Pippin up - little, squirmy, don't-hold-me-I-want-to-run-around Pippin, and he walked in a little circle and lay down exactly like his mum had. Then Lucky lay down and chirruped again and both the kittens trotted over and settled down to suckle.

Also spoke to neighbour down the road - her kitten is doing fine and may think she's a dog, not a cat. Unfortunately her next door neighbour's cat has vanished, so we're on the lookout. We're going to see if her kitten will tolerate mine still (and vice versa) since they're going away for a couple of weeks and might need someone to kittensit.

Also, microchip certificate has arrived. Owner details change going in tomorrow's post and they'll be mine!

In the meantime I watched Brandy and Whisky attempt a pincer movement on an oblivious blackbird on the lawn. I was all set to go save it and then Soda bounded up to see what they were doing and scared her away. They're all enjoying bounding around the de-ragworted lawn chasing smaller flying things, though.

More photos later, if I get my fic finished (should do). I didn't want to disturb them while they were suckling.
Fandom/’Verse: Holmes/ACD canon
Challenge: [livejournal.com profile] watsons_woes July prompts challenge
Title: With the Queen
Character: John, Wiggins, Holmes
Length: c.550
Rating: G
Spoilers: n/a
Warnings: n/a

Disclaimer: The Holmes characters fall in the public domain and are the creation of the wonderful Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. No ownership is implied or inferred. This is done for love only.

Summary: Wiggins brings Watson a patient or two...

Master prompt post

July 11: Kitten

With the Queen )

The cats in question )
Lucky, the cat we took in on Friday (that we thought was a neutered male), managed to escape. (We don't know how, she seems to be able to open doors. Like a velociraptor.)

Yesterday evening the neighbours found her again. Up a tree. With five kittens, we think about six weeks old.

So, neither neutered nor male, it seems.

All have been captured and the various neighbours involved are housing three kittens between them, which leaves Lucky plus two to come to me, at least temporarily. Now that we know she's a non-lactating young mother I am even more concerned to get her to a vet asap. The kittens all look terribly healthy. Apparently when the neighbours sent their son up the tree he found loads of sachets of food that she had been nicking from somewhere and ripping into to provide food for the little ones.

I have been out to buy kitten stuff and plan to spend the day building a barricade for the spare bedroom door...



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