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Birthdate:May 20
This LJ gets divided up between fandom and pseudo-fandom (the friends whom I see in RL but don't count as RL because they were fandom people first). My fandoms jump every few years but the main ones are:

LotR. Sherlock. Holmes. Merlin. Being Human. Hornblower. New Who. Classic Who. SPN. SG1. SGA. H2G2.

I also like SF&F literature although I don't get nearly enough time to read it. And I love going to the theatre/concerts/operas. I am very very proud of The Tolkien Society.

At the moment I am writing fic for Sherlock and Hornblower. In the past I have also written for SG1 and LotR and a very little YGO. There is the occasional fanvid. gayas_world is my archive journal, although it's mostly locked up at the moment due to RL concerns. This should change shortly.

RL does intrude on this journal, which is why I maintain the archive. Mad fandom ramblings go on on this journal, and occasional creativity.
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