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Current active fandoms: Sherlock Holmes (Various), Hornblower (TVVerse), random icons from random fandoms
Currently inactive fandoms: LotR, Stargate: SG1, YGO

Updated 9th October 2011


Holmes, mostly Sherlock (BBC)

And The Seventh One Has Drownèd TheeDark!fic, R, S/JEveryone warned John about getting too close to Sherlock. Maybe they were right to do so. LivejournalDreamwidthAO3 EPUB
Insomnia & ResolutionNC-17, S/JJohn has trouble sleeping. Sherlock thinks he can help LJ: Insomnia
LJ: Resolution
DW: Insomnia
DW: Resolution
Take my hand and lead me homePG-13, S/JSherlock and John had been growing closer, but after the pool, Sherlock has been avoiding John. Slowly he works out why.LivejournalDreamwidthAO3
The Bullet With Your Name On ItPG, S/JThat shoulder wound. Sherlock wants to see every part of John, but especially the wound. John insists on hiding it, and other parts of his military life, but Sherlock doesn’t intend to stop trying...LivejournalDreamwidth AO3 EPUB
The Uniform SeriesNC-17, S/J, PWPA Soldier's Life Is Terribly Hard: Smut in the park. Evening Dress: Formal-wear smut. Touch, Pause, Engage: Rugby shirt smut.LivejournalDreamwidthAO3
The Youth of the Heart SequenceR, S/J, J/Mary, angstSherlock returns after three years of being dead, expecting to find John single and waiting for him. But he doesn't have all the information.Livejournal AO3EPUB
[livejournal.com profile] thegameison_shPrompt     
Salutis Auctor OptimeSpring Livejournal AO3 
Two GunshotsChange two thingsWarning: Character deathLivejournal AO3 
The BodyPoems (various)Warning: discussion of character deathLivejournal AO3 
Before My Helpless SightPhantom Touch Livejournal AO3 
Bring Them HomeUndercoverLivejournalAO3
 [livejournal.com profile] watsons_woes      
July 2011 challengeDaily promptsMix of universes, mostly BBC but some canon.  Daily prompt responses posted within 24 hours.  Clean sweep. Mostly low rating, mostly squint or gen.Livejournal AO3 
July 2011 amnestyTen into oneTen amnesty prompts in one story. Character death, R, squint, slash.Livejournal  AO3 
Song drabblesPG-13, gen, squint, slash.Ten drabbles prompted by songs, with only the duration of the song to write themLivejournal   
Three prompt drabblesPG, slashHungrily, Farrow, Squabble Livejournal   

Snow G, gen, fluff A ficlet about a snow-logged Renown. Livejournal Dreamwidth AO3 
The Art of Observation G, genCaptain Sir Edward Pellew RN observes one Lt Kennedy.LivejournalDreamwidthAO3 
The WaitG, het, H/MariaTechnically het, but only in that there's a relationship there. Just a little piece about Maria being left at homeLivejournalDreamwidth AO3 
The Dark of the Night & The Light of DayG, squint, ArchieArchie!angst in that moment in El Ferrol, and a follow-up. LJ: Dark
LJ: Light
Dreamwidth AO3 
Run No LongerG, slash, H/KThird in a series of round robin fic about Dark!Kennedy the pirate.LivejournalDreamwidth AO3 
Stolen Kisses PG, H/KHoratio, Archie, and sneaky kissing aboard Justinian.LivejournalDreamwidth AO3 
[livejournal.com profile] following_sea      
Remix challenge[livejournal.com profile] anteros_lmc's So Foul And Fair A Day from somone else's perspective.    

Other: LotR, SG1, Frankenstein, Third Star
Before AdamPG, V/? Someone's missing from the play. This is one idea of where he is. (AU from both book and Boyle-Dear play). Livejournal Dreamwidth AO3 
Lord of the Rings (Incomplete listing)    
Ethereal Memorial for [livejournal.com profile] ethereal_hobbitLivejournal Livejournal   
Epilogue G, gen, character death Sam's version of Frodo and Bilbo's fate, as recorded in the Red Book, is an interpretation of the facts. Livejournal Dreamwidth   
Stargate SG-1       
As Long As It TakesG, gen, angst, J/D friendshipAU for Window of Opportunity. Jack is drastically affected by the time loop.Livejournal Dreamwidth   
Never Enough G, slash, J/DTag for The Light. After finding Daniel on his balcony, Jack has something to work out.LivejournalDreamwidth   

Sidekick G, gen, fluff Sherlock/Danger Mouse. John discovers that he and Sherlock are not the only crime-fighting duo on Baker Street. Livejournal Dreamwidth AO3  
For Those That See PG, angst. WIP on hiatus.LotR/SG1. SG1 encounter the Fellowship on Caradras. Please note this has not been updated for years. I don't quite have the heart to delete it but I'm just not in the headspace for LotR right now, although I am writing SG1 again.  So maybe in the new year... At the Pit.   
Quondam: Futurus R, slash, A/M, A/D, A/D/M. WIP Merlin/SG1. Flung back in time, Daniel recognises the place he and Cameron have landed.  Then he sees a familiar face and realises why...Livejournal   

A number of the icons on the master posts are better versions of ones I've uploaded in the past. Please credit and comment here if taking.

Danger Mouse Icons
H2G2 Icons: BBC TV
Hornblower Icons: TV
Merlin Icons
Miscellaneous Icons
Sharpe Icons
Sherlock Holmes Icons: Ritchie, Granada, BBC, Without A Clue Multiverse.

Animated GIF Icons. YGO, Dangermouse, H2G2, Mutant Enemy (Whedonverse)
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